Eclipse AVN2454
By Paul Sonada
Posted on Wednesday, Sep 1, 2004

When navigation systems were first introduced, you needed a navigation unit, a monitor, and a CD player that could help control it ó they had outboard boxes and so many wires that installers would cringe at the thought of installing them. Everyone wished there was a better way. Eclipse was listening. The Eclipse AVN2454 combines a CD player, DVD video and navigation, and a 6.5-inch monitor with touch screen controls into a single package.

First Look
The Eclipse AVN2454 is an ďall-in-oneĒ audio/video/navigation system. It has a CD player as well as a DVD video/navigation player built in to a double DIN space. It does not have any additional boxes. (Installers rejoice!) The front of the AVN2454 features a stylish 6.5-inch TFT touch screen display thatís tiltable to optimize viewing conditions. Press the open button, and the face can slide completely down exposing a slot for the CD player and a slot for the DVD/Navigation.

Its speaker outputs are rated to deliver a maximum of 50 watts per channel x 4 with front, rear, and non-fading RCA outputs capable of 0.8 Volts RMS. The AVN2454 will also control a changer, accommodate a rear view camera (a proprietary piece from Eclipse), and accept an aux AV input. This control unit will play CD, CD-ROM, CD-RW, MP3, DVD Video, and DVD-R Video. Think of the AVN2454 as your audio/video/navigation nexus. It pretty much does it all.

A Closer Look
The Eclipse AVN2454 packs an incredible amount of electronics into its chassis. The primary function of the unit is DVD navigation. The AVN2454 comes with a DVD that covers the U.S.A. (Donít loose or damage the DVD ó replacements or updates will cost you from $300 to $400 dollars...ouch!).

One of the really neat features of the unit is its ability to draw an EQ curve on the nine-band graphic EQ. Each band can also be adjusted in 1 dB steps, up to 10 dB. There are six memory settings for your different listening tastes.

The AVN2454 is also equipped with DSP sound. The different settings let you simulate sounds from cathedrals to concert halls.

The AVN2454 also allows you to adjust the acoustical center of your listening space. This was an interesting feature that changed not only the amplitude of the channels, but appeared to change the sonic timbre.

The AVN2454 is not without its quirks. There is a video output from the unit to connect outboard monitors. This is a great feature. However, it only works when youíre playing a DVD or using the AV input. It does not display any picture in the DVD navigation mode. I realize that itís not necessary for the other monitors to show the navigation, but it would take care of the kidís question, ďAre we there yet?Ē

Most external monitors have wireless headphone capability that requires a fixed output from the source. The AVN2454 does not have a fixed level output. The result is that you cannot listen to a DVD with the headphones without having the volume on the system at a high level.

Ease Of Use
The Eclipse AVN2454 is impressively easy to use. You can figure out most basic functions just by pressing a couple of buttons. What really helps is the touch screen interface. The menus change based on the particular operations you are accessing.

One of the quirky things I noticed was that the volume control was on the right hand side. This configuration is seen more often in units sold in Japan than units made for the States.
The only surprise is that the AVN2454 did not come with a remote. There is a remote available, but it only controls basic functions.

For professional installers, the AVN2454 is an installation dream. Typical navigation systems require at least an additional hide-a-way enclosure with wires and cables to deal with. The AVN2454 contains all of its electronics inside its double DIN chassis. The only thing that differentiates this from an ordinary source unit is the installation of the GPS sensor and tapping into the vehicle speed sensor and reverse wiring. For that alone, it is highly recommended that you have this unit installed by an Authorized Eclipse Dealer.

Manuals/Web Support
The Eclipse AVN2454 comes with three manuals. One manual details the use for the DVD-based navigation, the second explains the audio functions, and the last manual provides basic information for the installation of the unit. The two operation manuals are well written and quite informative. While the AVN is easy and intuitive to control without the manual, you need to read the manuals to access and properly use the advanced features of the unit.

Detailed information about the AVN2454 is available of the Eclipse Web site, At this site, I was able to locate and download marketing brochures on the AVN2454. This literature provided excellent information about the features of the unit. Due to the complexity and size of the operation manuals, the Web site did not provide these manuals for download.

Sound Q & Performance
I was a little surprised that Eclipse would offer a source unit with such low output voltage. However, the AVN2454ís sound quality was more than acceptable. The equalizer was easy to use and offered enough bands to fix any small problems you might experience in your system setup.
The picture quality was superb ó DVDís looked great.

The real reason you buy this unit is for its navigation features. For this purpose, the AVN2454 is fantastic. I was able to plot a trip from Cincinnati, Ohio, to Sacramento, California, in less than three seconds. Even better, The AVN2454 offered three different routes based on travel time and ease of route. I tried several times to trick the navigation by veering off route. Each time, the AVN2454 rerouted me quickly. The only complaint I had about the navigation was that the voice prompt was a little too soft on the volume. It might have worked better if it muted the entire stereo instead of only one channel.

Overall, the AVN2454 is a real winner. It does a great job of combining a ton of features into a double-DIN chassis. Its ease of use and superb navigation makes the AVN2454 a great ďall-in-oneĒ choice. The AVN2454 is the perfect solution for someone who gets lost or lives with someone who does. Either way, the AVN2454 will not only get you there, it will get you there in style.

Eclipse AVN2454 On The Sonoda Scale
Strengths: Precision Navigation. All-In-One unit. Great video display.
Weakness: Canít play DVDs and use navigation at same time. Low RCA output voltage. Navigation voice not loud enough.
Best use: A necessity for anyone who travels a lot or gets lost.

Performance Value:

Ease of Use:

Capability to play CD, CDR, CDRW, MP3, and DVD:

Manuals, Online Support:

Lies, Damn Lies, And Power Amplifier Specifications
The AVN 2454 is a fantastic unit. The only real beef I have with the AVN2454 is the power rating of the speaker outputs ó 50 watts per channel is possible at 30 percent distortion. The real usable power is much lower. To be fair, no head unit I have tested has hit the high claims of 45 to 50 watts of power.

Eclpise AVN2454 Specs
Price & Contact: MSRP $2199; 800-55-ECLIPSE,

Power Supply: 13.2V DC (11-16V)
Current Drain: 3.5A (0.5W)
Power Output: 50 watts x 4 (MAX)
Lineout Output Level: 0.8V (0dB)
Dimensions (W x H x D): 7-1/2 inches x 4-1/2 inches x 6-1/2 (180 mm x 100 mm x 165 mm)
MASS (Weight): 3.7 kg

Display: 6.5-inch wide (16:9), low-glare panel
Resolution: 280,800 dots
(400 x 234 x 3)
Display Method: Through-type color filter
Panel Type: Color TFT active matrix
Brightness: 150 (cd/m3)
Drive System: Horizontal-shaped
cathode tube
System: NTSC
Screen Aspect Ratio: 4 types

Frequency Response: 30-15,000Hz, +/- 3dB
Stereo Separation: 38 dB (1 kHz)

Frequency Response: 20-20,000Hz, +/- 1dB
Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.03 dB (0 dB, 1 kHz)

Graphic Equalizer: 63 Hz ~ 12,000 kHz (1/2 oct step) +/- 10 dB

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