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System Install - BOJO Composite Grommet and Pry Tool kit 4 pc in a Pouch

Brand: Bojo Tools

  • Bojo tools are glass-infused nylon tools which greatly reduce the  Chance of harming your interior or exterior
  • Used by professionals, a tool kit that is durable and easy to use
  • Kit includes 1 smaller and 1 larger forked and angled pry tool
  • 1 angled wire and emblem remover and 1 flat forked flat Solvent resistant

Product description

Bojo composite pry tools are made with a strong glass-infused nylon, allowing for a non-marring surface that's friendly to your delicate interior or exterior finish. Bojo 4 unit kit is a assembled kit of pry tools you'll need to complete almost any automotive project that involves the removal of doors, panels, and trim. These solvent resistant composite tools with their ergonomically designed handles and specialized tips helps you work smarter and safer even in tight and difficult-to-maneuver places. In keeping with Bojo’s tradition of designing ergonomic handles for the added comfort of their users., these scraper tools help with a number of applications where larger tools simply don’t fit.

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